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Scuba Diver Australasia & Asian Diver magazines & Asia Dive Expo Show (ADEX)

Lors du salon de la plongée, venez découvrir 2 magazines (Scuba Diver Australasia & Asian Diver magazines) et l'ADS (Asia Dive Show).  Scuba Diver Australasia magazine : Vibrant, colourful, and informative, Scuba Diver AustralAsia reproduces everything the modern diver wants and needs to know about exploring our fascinating oceans and the creatures within it.Our magazine supports and promotes environmental research, exploration and conservation projects with the objective of increasing scientific knowledge, fostering environmental awareness and preservation ethics throughout Asia and Australia. Scuba Diver AustralAsia does this while providing comprehensive coverage of the recreational diving field by leading sport diving photographers and journalists. The quality of the magazine attracts a high readership of active and enthusiastic divers. Scuba Diver AustralAsia also covers the best dive spots around the world – probably why we have become the official publication of the PADI Diving Society, the world's biggest membership society. Asian Diver magazine : Asian Diver is no newcomer to the industry: sixteen years on, the magazine enjoys a whole new look and direction, addressing the interests of the serious diver as well as dive agencies, equipment manufacturers, dive operators and especially those working on the ground itself – our intrepid dive masters, instructors and dive leaders. Asian Diver is also the platform for industry leaders to recommend rock-solid products. With content aimed at boosting the industry further, the magazine promotes continuing education, increasing knowledge and awareness of the sport and perserving the natural beauty of the oceans. You’ll hear from marine biologists, dive operators, dive resort owners, instructors and dive masters, and anyone with an influence or involvement in the aquatic world.

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<strong>ADEX (Asia Dive Expo) :</strong>
Staged annually, the Asia Dive Expo is a must-attend event on the international calendar!
Originated by Asian Diver in 1994, the magazine now returns to the helm for ADEX bringing together diving enthusiasts, marine conservationists and all those with a passion for the underwater world.
For 2011, we’re celebrating and supporting TURTLES, Check back here for more details on how ADEX will showcase these enigmatic species.

<strong>Pourquoi venir à l'ADEX ?</strong>
Join your fellow dive enthusiasts to check out the latest equipment
Find out about new dive destinations, marine hotspots and eco trips
Pick up details on resorts, liveaboards and hotels around the region
Be inspired ... watch a range of underwater videos and enjoy photography displays from both amateurs and pros
Hear from expert speakers on interesting topics from marine conservation to photography skills
Take part in competitions and hear the live winners on stage
Finally, gain invaluable access to a range of special offers from the ADEX exhibitors!
ADEX offers you the “Why, Where, When, What and How” of diving!

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<strong>Objectifs 2011 :</strong> to increase awareness of our diving magazines and Asia Dive Expo show.

<strong>Pourquoi venir les rencontrer au salon de la plongée :</strong> to know about the most popular diving magazines in Asia Pacific, and its growing popularity in US, Europe regions.  To learn about the Asia Dive Expo and what it has to offer in 2011.

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